"My son Stephen is getting his master’s degree at a medical school in Pennsylvania.  He credits Science Olympiad with helping him through college.  He is using knowledge learned from Science Olympiad in his classes.  This program is very important to the future doctors, scientists, biologists and all the students who get involved.  It impacts them all through their lives.   You ARE making a difference."   

Lisa Avila, Parent of Alumni Science Olympiad Student


"Just being a part of this amazing program (Academic Decathlon) has been an incredible experience for me. Participating has brought me closer to so many people that I probably never would have met before. a teammate of mine from last year that I barely knew before has become one of my best friends. The team really creates a close bond that is hard to find anywhere else."

Holly Briggs, Student, Oakdale High School


"The thrill of competition drives many of the...less 'athletically inclined' to participate, but my personal initiative lies in the friendships I have watched blossom through this excellent program (Academic Decathlon)."

Sarah Wissing, Student, Oakdale High School