Ashley Raynor, student in 2006, two-time counselor in 2011

"My positive experiences at Foothill Horizons led me to major in Environmental Science while in college.  Today, I have still found use of several Foothill Horizon songs when studying for classes and when teaching opportunities present themselves.

My naturalist was super sweet and kind. She made a lasting impression on me.  When I later returned to Foothill Horizons to be a counselor, I was privileged with the opportunity to get to work with her.

The passion that the naturalists had for nature sparked that same passion in me.  My experiences at Foothill Horizons made me who I am today.  As a twelve year old, my naturalist showed me the beauty of nature and I told myself that I would someday do for others what she had done for me.  As an 18-year-old counselor, my desire to teach and my conviction of the value of the program were only strengthened by the example my naturalist continued to set. 

As a sixth grader I gained a true love for nature, as a counselor I regained that child-like curiosity about the natural world. To quote John Muir, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." Every time I go up to Foothill Horizons I receive far more than I seek."

Erin Ovalle, attended in 2006.

"When I look back on my life as a student, my experience at Foothill Horizons is one that stands out. My sixth grade camp experience was exciting, educational, and eye-opening. I enjoyed being around knowledgeable naturalists, and taking part in all of the nature hikes, observing the wildlife, and learning about the environment and culture that was around me. My week at Foothill Horizons set the foundation for my focus on science and conservation as an adult. I have since graduated from college with a bachelor’s of science degree in environmental science, technology, and policy. I hope to pass on my passion and knowledge as I pursue a career in environmental science, and inspire younger generations just as I was inspired many years ago."

Nick Escamilla, attended between 2000-2006

"As a child I was very timid and did not like being by myself or having to do things that I either did not enjoy or had no experience at. My time at Foothill Horizons gave me chance to push past my limits by giving me an opportunity to hike, be close to nature and making me not so picky when it came to food. Foothill horizons has had a huge impact on who I am today, it gave me the challenging experience to push me towards growing up and facing the difficulties life will throw your way."